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All treatment plans are customized to the client's needs and desired goals. Please consult your nurse for more information.

Symptoms may include: Static and dynamic lines of facial expression, loose or droopy skin, more-pronounced lines and crevices.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

REcommended Treatment Options

Acne Scarring, Hyperpigmentation, Discolouring & Blemishes

Symptoms may include: Scars, sun spots, age spots, darkened patches of skin that looks black, brown, red, or pink.

REcommended Treatment Options

Symptoms may include: Feeling and looking flat and fatigued, decreased volume and symmetry, lack of hydration.

Volume Loss & Contouring

REcommended Facial Treatment Options

REcommended Body Treatment Options

Under Eyes Concerns

Symptoms may include: Hollowing, fine wrinkles, decreased skin elasticity and collagen

REcommended Treatment Options

A double chin is when there is moderate to severe submental fat aka "a double chin".

Double Chin & Lip Lines

REcommended Facial Treatment Options

For those experiencing lip lines, smoker’s lines, or barcode lines” above the lips.

REcommended Facial Treatment Options

Uneven Skin Tone & Loose Skin

Symptoms may include: Hyperpigmentation, dark spots, Broken capillaries, redness, decreased collagen, sagging, and increased skin laxity.

REcommended Treatment Options

Neuromoduators like Botox have been proven effective in the management of aliments that can affect your quality of life, such as: excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) in your hands, feet and armpits, Jaw locking/clenching (TMJ) and chronic migraines. Book a consult with our Nurse Practitioner, Niala to see if this treatment is right for you.

Excessive Sweating, Chronic Migraines, Temporomandibular joints (TMJ)

REcommended Treatment Options

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