Transforming Beauty with Care

Exceptional, natural-looking medical aesthetics is about so much more than injections and creams. It’s also about the intentional client care that carries you through to lasting results.

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All of our services are designed to support and optimize one another for your best result. Your wellness and beauty journey at Look Timeless begins where you feel most comfortable.

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Medically-administered muscle relaxers and fillers to treat fine lines and wrinkles, add volume and contour to enhance your natural features.

Facial Treatments

Medical-grade products and treatments for revitalizing and maintaining your skin.

Wellness & Therapeutics

Management for common ailments and concerns like migraines, excessive sweating, hair thinning, and TMJ.

Regenerative Technology

High-tech, high impact treatments to boost your skin’s regenerative processes.

“Look Timeless is the only place to go for your aesthetic needs! Not only are all the staff approachable, friendly, and talented - they will share their knowledge and help get the results you're looking for with zero pressure."


Our Promise to You

“To deliver exceptional services that facilitate life-changing transformations and unlock unwavering confidence that cultivates a lasting sense of empowerment.”

From the first consultation to your satisfaction with your final result, you can be sure our team will care for you through the highest level of medical professionalism.

Through the progression of your treatments, you will grow into a balanced and radiant look that your friends, family, and colleagues will notice and admire!

This is accomplished at the hands of our compassionate team of practitioners. And in true partnership with you. At Look Timeless, you will receive exceptional care, quality treatments, and personalized attention through your entire experience.

We also take pride in using only the most trusted, Health Canada Approved industry-leading technology at our safe, clean, and beautiful facility. Because your results and personal safety depend on it, our partnership with THMA Consulting ensures the highest level of medical aesthetics knowledge, training, and practice.

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Visit us at Look Timeless when you’re ready to…

Feel great about making the time to care for yourself.

Know that you’re under the care of professionals with a continuous-learning mindset who keep up with the latest advances in medical aesthetics and technology.

Receive expert suggestions for a treatment plan designed for your best results.

Trust in a caring team that will listen to your insecurities and preferences without a single judgment.

Enjoy the enhancement of your natural beauty for many years to come.

Be empowered by positive changes to your appearance.

The Look Timeless Process

Join us on your journey to embracing beauty confidently. 

Step One

Book a Consultation

You can use our easy online booking system, call our office, or visit our clinic to schedule a complimentary consultation with the caring Look Timeless team.

Step Two

Create a Plan

Our Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, and Medical Aestheticians will partner with you to create a customized treatment plan aligned with your vision, lifestyle, goals, and budget.

Step Three

Begin Your Treatments

You’ll feel empowered and supported while embracing and enhancing your true, beautiful, and authentic self. Get ready to unlock your inner radiance!

Step Four

Enjoy a Timeless Look

By trusting in our staff’s recommendations for products and post-care practices, building healthy routines, and following through on your chosen care, you will achieve…

The look you desire through the care you deserve.

Feel like Look Timeless is the right fit for your needs?

Discover the transformative power of Look Timeless Medical Aesthetics and embark on a path to self-assurance where every step is guided by genuine care and a commitment to your utmost satisfaction.

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