Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Starting at $200 per Treatment / Packages Available

At Look Timeless, we offer AlumierMD Chemical Peels.

Chemical peels are Medical grade specialized skin treatments that reduce the appearance of blemishes, improve radiance and smooth skin texture to restore skin health to reveal fresh and glowing skin, naturally boosting your collagen and increase the skin’s glow and vibrancy.

How does it work?
Medical grade chemical peels aim to remove the old, dead layers of the skin, revealing fresh, healthy underlying cells. They are most effective at enhancing cell turnover and improving the appearance of skin. A skin analysis will be performed by your care provider to determine the best options for your treatment based on your skin type, skin conditions and individual concerns.

We will apply a formula designed to optimize the skin’s health from the surfaces layers into the deeper layers for optimal results. This process involves cleansing, exfoliating and treating individualized concerns.

What is it used for?
A chemical peel can be used for a variety of conditions, including: Fine lines, Sun damage, Acne, and Pigmentation

Our peels can:
  1. Help create a more-even skin tone
  2. Tighten pores
  3. Reduce acne
  4. Improve skin texture
  5. Improve hydration and luminescence
  6. For continued optimal skin health, we recommend a series of 4-6 treatments, spaced 2-3 weeks apart.
  7. There maybe some redness and peeling for 2-4 days after a eel, results may differ for each individual.
  8. A chemical peel is a great way to prepare your skin for other aesthetic treatments to maximize their effectiveness. For more information, please discuss with your care provider.

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How To Prepare & Maintain Your Treatment

Before Your Appointment

  • Book a consultation with the Nurses Practitioner If you have an eye infection, had recent eye surgery, or just finishing antibiotic eye drops.

  • Please arrive to your appointment eye makeup free

  • Try to avoid the use of any makeup, oils, and creams 48 hours prior to your appointment

  • Plan to be at the clinic for approximately 1.5 hours

After Your Appointment

  • Please do not wet your brows/ lashes with water, steam, or oils for the for 2-4 days 

  • Do not wear eye make up for the next 2-4 days after your appointment for best results

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