Jet Peel Facial

Jet Peel Facial

Starting at $275 per session / Packages Available

The Jet Peel Pro system is the newest innovation in non-invasive skincare, offering a needle-free, pain-free solutions. Patented technology using pressurized oxygen, accelerates a jet stream of liquid micro-droplets creating tiny microchannels in the skin to deliver nutrients down to the dermal layer. 

Each Jet Peel facial treatment includes lymphatic drainage and massage to remove waste and toxins followed by gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells, unclog pores and do extractions of blackheads and whiteheads. The final step is the jet pressured customized infusions of natural, bioactive skin ingredients to address specific skin conditions providing visible results with no downtime or skin irritation of the skin. Finishing products, best suited for your skin, are then applied to provide nourishment and protection.

This treatment is pleasurable, non-invasive, safe, needle free, pain-free and non-contact. Zero downtime and immediate glow; Ideal for all skin types and concerns. 

Recommend every 3-4 weeks to target specific skin concerns and to be included every 3-4 months in your beauty routine. 

Benefits of Jet Peel Facials:
  • Safe and customizable for all skin types
  • Deep cleans and unclog pores
  • Improves skin texture
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Improve skin hydration
  • Treats adult and teen acne, 
  • Overall skin rejuvenation

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How To Prepare & Maintain Your Treatment

Before Your Appointment

  • Book a consultation with the Nurses Practitioner If you have an eye infection, had recent eye surgery, or just finishing antibiotic eye drops.

  • Please arrive to your appointment eye makeup free

  • Try to avoid the use of any makeup, oils, and creams 48 hours prior to your appointment

  • Plan to be at the clinic for approximately 1.5 hours

After Your Appointment

  • Please do not wet your brows/ lashes with water, steam, or oils for the for 2-4 days 

  • Do not wear eye make up for the next 2-4 days after your appointment for best results

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